Is Bigger Better?

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Does size really matter? Absolutely! Only guys with a little gernie would argue against this.

We use the biggest and best machine recommended by Spitwater, who have been the leaders in the industry for over 30 years. Using a big machine allows us to clean to the highest standard but in less time, giving you the best results in shortest period of time. To clarify, its not just about the pressure, psi, but its also about the flow of water, how many litres per minute does the machine use? Its the combination of the water flow and the high pressure which gets the job done. When contractors use anything from 3500 – 5000 psi, they are at high risk of damaging your surfaces. Our machines are set to 3000 psi which is a safe level for cleaning.


We only use Spitwater equipment because they are the largest supplier in the southern hemisphere and they only sell top quality Italian equipment. The specs of our machines are: Motor is a Honda 23 HP, which is bigger than our ride on mower :), and the water flow is 30 litres per minute. This machine set up with all the accessories is around $12,000, so you can be assured we have invested in the best equipment to get you the best results in the shortest period of time.

For a free, no obligation quote please contact me on 0423733822 or  by using our contact page and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you for viewing,

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Water Blasting Brisbane

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If you are looking for water blasting in Brisbane, then you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a water blasting service around the greater Brisbane area, specialising in water blasting all hard surfaces, including driveways, carparks, pathways, pool areas, tennis courts etc. We only use Spitwater equipment because they have been the leaders in the industry for 30 years, selling only high quality Italian equipment.

How often do you drive into your driveway and wish that it looked ‘like new’ again. Your driveway is not only the entrance to your home, but it’s also a feature of your whole front yard. Don’t waste all weekend cleaning the driveway yourself when you can have us clean it in around 1 hour for a reasonable rate. Get in touch today by email or call Andrew on 0423733822 today to arrange a free quote.

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Driveway Cleaning Brisbane

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Driveway Cleaning Before

Driveway Cleaning Before

Driveway Cleaning After

Driveway Cleaning After










Driveway Cleaning in Brisbane and surrounding areas is one of our specialties! Has your driveway seen better days? Is it slippery to walk on? Does it have mould growing over it? Then I suggest you’re in need of driveway cleaning today!

Don’t put it off any more. Get in touch with Andrew today for a no obligation, free quote. Most quotes can be done over the phone, quickly and easily. Generally all we need is to have a quick chat. A driveway generally takes up about one third of your front yard, so when it looks dirty and tired, it brings the whole front of your property down. Did you also know that when mould is left to build up over painted surfaces such as stencilled driveways or painted driveways, the mould literally eats your paint over time which ruins your surface. When the driveway cleaning has been completed you will often see patchy areas where the mould once lived.

These photos were taken in Coorparoo as part of a whole unit complex clean. The difference is amazing, not only does it look better but it is no longer slippery.

You don’t need to put off your driveway cleaning any longer, Get in touch via email, or call Andrew directly on 0423733822. All emails are linked to our iPhone so you will get a quick response.

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