Does size really matter? Absolutely! Only guys with a little gernie would argue against this.

We use the biggest and best machine recommended by Spitwater, who have been the leaders in the industry for over 30 years. Using a big machine allows us to clean to the highest standard but in less time, giving you the best results in shortest period of time. To clarify, its not just about the pressure, psi, but its also about the flow of water, how many litres per minute does the machine use? Its the combination of the water flow and the high pressure which gets the job done. When contractors use anything from 3500 – 5000 psi, they are at high risk of damaging your surfaces. Our machines are set to 3000 psi which is a safe level for cleaning.


We only use Spitwater equipment because they are the largest supplier in the southern hemisphere and they only sell top quality Italian equipment. The specs of our machines are: Motor is a Honda 23 HP, which is bigger than our ride on mower :), and the water flow is 30 litres per minute. This machine set up with all the accessories is around $12,000, so you can be assured we have invested in the best equipment to get you the best results in the shortest period of time.

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